EFE Make-A-Thon

EFE Make-A-Thon

EFE’s Make-a-thon is a 12-hour creative sprint where non-experienced and experienced designers come together to solve environmental problems by creating new outfits out of upcycled textiles. By providing this Project Runway experience, we hope that the teaching and learning of new skills through repurposing and upcycling will catalyze collaboration and foster a greater sense of community. 

Yes and No…

Yes: Hack-a-thons bring together a community of people who have coding experience and those who simply bring innovative ideas to the table! Similarly, we bring together those who do and do not have experienced with sewing and designing. Both contributions are equally as important to the team.

No: There is no coding involved. The only ‘hacking’ involved would be hacking into your minds to get those creative juices flowing!

EFE’s overarching goal for this event is to catalyze collaboration between non-experienced and experienced designers through upcycling and repurposing old garments. We hope that through simultaneously teaching and learning new skills that we inspire others to be more proactive about transforming their old clothing to give them a new life! EFE hopes that these newly learned skills could be directly applied even after the Make-A-Thon event is over!

After teams are all set and ready to go with their supplies, the upycling process will occupy the main portion of the event. 

During the day, there will also be… 

  • Educational workshops and instructors that will teach skills in basic mending and repairing, embroidery etc.
  • Sustainable vendors featuring their products 
  • A fashion show at the end of the day to showcase the creations that our upcyclers have made! 

The MAT is on April 13th, 2019.

The event will last from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm.
The showcase portion will be from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.


258 Johnson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(2nd Floor)

  • Non-experienced designers, upcyclers, crafters, hobbiest who had no technical background in sewing or designing but have innovative and creative ideas to share!
  • Experienced designers, upcyclers, crafters, hobbiest who knows how to sew and design and are open to incorporate the ideas from the non-experienced designers.
  • Teachers, specialists and instructors who would like to teach a workshop on their specialized field (ie. embroidery, plant based dyes) 
  • Anyone who has an interest in fashion sustainability and the repurposing and upcycling of second hand fabrics and textile waste!

Our Eventbrite is now live. Please click here to get tickets as an upcycler or a showcase attendee!

Firstly, thank you so much for supporting what we do! Your contribution is important whether that is in the form of simply passing on our message to anyone or any sponsors who are interested in our mission or in the form of monetary value through our recently launched GoFundMe Campaign page.

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