Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

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earthy green top - before pics 1
earthy green top- before pics 2

Product Type: Earrings

Time Invested: 3 hours

Product Code: A1002

"These mix and match earrings have simplistic geometric shapes. The green rectangle was made from the scraps of a sleeveless earthy-green top designed and created by Angela and Soon-hee. The peach colored hoop is made from the collar of Angela’s mom’s old cooking shirt. The thread used to make the stitch pattern was from an embroidery kit thrifted from Goodwill’s miscellaneous rack. Funny story about the peach hoop is that Angela accidentally burned the fabric while ironing on high heat (Oops!), but Janette helped turn this mistake into a beautiful creative choice. As a result, an alluring FABSCRAP white lace was added onto the peach hoop."

Angela Chi
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