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The EFE Team during Friendsgiving November 2018

our story

then . . . 

In 2017, Eco Fashion Expo was started by a team who believed that our school community needed to build awareness about the fashion industry. By being conscientious of what goes on beyond those clothing racks and our power as consumers, it became more difficult to willingly hand over $10 to purchase a t-shirt in support of the same retail stores that mass produce clothing overseas. From then on, we began to build awareness, from the (school) ground up to teach other students and designers on how to upcycle secondhand clothing and repurpose old materials. On April 27th, 2018, we sold out our first annual Eco Fashion Expo, with each student designer showcasing their line of upcycled designs.

now . . .

However this year, for the second annual 2019 show, we decided to expand the Eco Fashion Expo into more than just an event name. Currently, EFE is a community of next generation student designers driven to inspire others to rethink textile waste through upcycling second hand clothing and fabric waste. Through hosting large scale (and small scale pop up) events, the EFE community now expands across all of NYC including student designers from not only Hunter College but also students from FIT, Pratt, NYU etc. We strive to create an active and close-knit community that brings together student designers of all levels of designing experiences and backgrounds. 

our vision

We hope to establish the Eco Fashion Expo as a thriving and empowered community of inexperienced, experienced (and everyone in between) student designers from all over New York City. We recognize the increasing gap between the collaboration of non-experienced and experienced student designers. Through EFE hosted events, we strive to connect these students while instilling core values of fashion sustainability and transparency about who made their clothing and from what it is made. Together we hope to empower students on their choices as consumers without having to choose between fashion or sustainability.

If you want to be a part of spreading awareness, balancing trendy and thrifty, and bridging the gap between fashion and sustainability, use the navigation bar or follow the link below to get in touch with us!

Some of EFE's thrifted items at the Upcycle Social event
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